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Embargo The prohibition of accepting freight at origin because of a crisis at the point of destination.

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival.

ETD Estimated Time of Departure.

Export License A Government authorization which allows a shipper to export specified goods to designated countries.

Exporter The person sending goods produced in one country to another country.

Express B/L Ocean Bill of Lading issued by the carrier when cargo is consigned directly to the customer. Cargo is automatically released. No originals are issued.

EXW (Ex Works) In its simplest form, this term essentially states that the buyer takes possession of the goods at a named location such as, the factory, warehouse, address, etc. and that the seller bears no responsibility for the loading of the freight or subsequent transportation and documentation. The responsibility to deliver is the Shipper’s to the point that goods are delivered at the Shipper’s premises. The Buyer is responsible for all costs and risks associated with the loading and delivery of the goods to the Buyer’s destination, and for clearing the goods for export.

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