Our Services

Air Freight
Air freight is usually the fastest option, but could get messy if you have to handle multiple carriers to reach your destination. Through our network of agents worldwide, we ensure that your goods arrive at their destination at maximum speed and minimum hassle.

Sea Freight
We offer deep Sea shipping of FCL (Full container load) & LCL (Less-than container load) Sea Freight Services.
Through our wordwide network, we ensure that all cargo is received at the destination country in the same condition that it was dispatched.

Land Freight
We offer hassle-free, high-speed land transportation across the Middle Eastern countries.

Marine Insurance
We offer insurance against the loss or damage of cargo between the points of origin and final destination

Custom Clearance
Whether shipping by air or sea, we are able to arrange for customs clearance and ensure fast delivery.

Personal Effects
We guarantee that your baggage, extra luggage, purchases and personal effects will be in the hands of companies who are uniquely bonded and badged for uniformity of service, and compliance with a Charter and Code of Conduct designed to protect your goods, and have them arrive safely, quickly, and economically.

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